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  • How do I submit a sample?
    You can submit a sample by attaching each sample to a test form, available on our Test Forms page. If you are not sure which form you need, find the one that most closely corresponds to your needs. It is fine to cross out sections on our forms, as long as what you want is clearly indicated. If you are completing testing at the request of your vendor, please indicate the name of said vendor on your form. Many have their own protocols (i.e., limits that differ from government guidelines). If you are not sure what type of testing you need call us at (401) 274-9998 and we can help you over the phone. All samples can be mailed to us at the following address: Mutual Cornell 136 Corliss Street Providence, RI 02917
  • How much sample do I need to submit?
    The amount of sample depends on what type of testing you need and what your item is. For LEAD, CADMIUM, and PHTHALATE testing, there is a minimum weight we need for each component. If your item has small or delicate details (jump rings, beads, any item that is painted or coated) we recommend you send us more than one item. If we do not receive enough sample, we will reach out to you by email and ask that you send additional sample. However, sending more than one item to start with prevents you from paying for shipping twice. For
  • How long does the testing process take?
    Turnaround time varies by type of testing. Please see below for our standard service: LEAD: five to seven business days CADMIUM: five to seven business days PHTHALATES: five to seven business days XRF: one to three business days ANTI-TARNISH: one to three business days PHYSICAL / MECHANICAL: one to three business days NICKEL SPOT: five to seven business days NICKEL RELEASE: ten to fifteen business days TOTAL NICKEL: five to seven business days FLAMMABILITY: five to seven business days SALT SPRAY: seven to ten business days
  • What happens after I submit a sample?
    You will receive an automated email from us once we receive your item. The email will contain a rough count of how many items were submitted. It will also assign your item or items a Log Number, which is our internal tracking system. Your Log Number will follow your item through the testing process and appear on your report. For many types of testing, including LEAD, CADMIUM, PHTHALATES, etc, you will receive a follow up email, generally within a day, which will list the items submitted and provide an estimated turnaround time for testing. If we ran into any problems processing your order (i.e., not enough sample), you will be notified at this point.
  • How will I receive my results?
    We send all laboratory reports by e-mail.
  • What is the difference between the different types of nickel testing?
    NiR NiS TNi
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